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Ezzati M, Lopez AD

Regional, disease-specific patterns of smoking-attributable mortality in 2000

Tobacco Control, 13 (4), pp. 388-395, 2004.

(Non-Communicable Diseases)

Non-Communicable Diseases

Ezzati M, Bailis R, Kammen DM, Holloway T, Price L, Cifuentes LA, Barnes B, Chaurey A, Dhanapala KN

Energy management and global health

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(Air Pollution & Climate)

Air Pollution & Climate

Baris E, Ezzati M

Should interventions to reduce respirable pollutants be linked to tuberculosis control programmes?

BMJ, 329 (7474), pp. 1090-1093, 2004.

(Air Pollution & Climate, Non-Communicable Diseases)

Air Pollution & Climate, Non-Communicable Diseases

Rodgers A, Ezzati M, Vander Hoorn S, Lopez AD, Lin R-B, Murray CJL

Distributions of major global health risks: findings from the global burden of disease project

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(Non-Communicable Diseases)

Non-Communicable Diseases

Ezzati M

How can cross-country research on health risks strengthen interventions? Lessons from INTERHEART

Lancet, 364 (9438), pp. 912-914, 2004.

(Non-Communicable Diseases)

Non-Communicable Diseases