Abeer Arif

Project Manager

Dr. Perviz Asaria

Consultant Cardiologist - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr. James Bennett

Statistical Manager

Dr. Rodrigo Carrillo Larco

Wellcome Trust International Training Fellow

Sierra Clark

Honorary Research Associate

Vishwanath Doreswamy

Research Assistant in Artificial Intelligence and Population Health

Prof. Majid Ezzati

Chair in Global Environmental Health

Victor Lhoste

PhD student

Barbara Metzler

PhD student

Dr. Anu Mishra

Research Associate in Health Analytics and Machine Learning

Emily Muller

PhD student

Dr. Ricky Nathvani

Research Associate in Data Science and Machine Learning

Theo Rashid

PhD student

Kate Sheffer

Research Assistant in Epidemiology and Population Health

Rosalie Singleton

Research Assistant in Epidemiology and Population Health

Dr. Esra Suel

Health Data Research UK Fellow

Dr. Bin Zhou

Research Fellow in Health Analytics and Machine Learning

Honorary Members

Dr. James Bentham

Senior Lecturer in Statistics - School of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science (SMSAS); University of Kent

Prof. Mariachiara Di Cesare

Director of the Institute for Public Health and Wellbeing - University of Essex

Dr. Chris Paciorek

Statistical Computing Consultant and Adjunct Professor - Department of Statistics; University of California Berkeley

Dr. Gretchen Stevens

Epidemiologist in Information, Evidence and Research - World Health Organization

Past Members