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Kontis V, Cobb LK, Mathers CD, Frieden TR, Ezzati M, Danaei G

Response by Kontis et al to Letter regarding article, "Three public health interventions could save 94 million lives in 25 years: global impact assessment analysis"

Circulation, 141 (2), pp. e5, 2020.

(non-communicable diseases)

non-communicable diseases

Parks RM, Bennett JE, Tamura-Wicks H, Kontis V, Toumi R, Danaei G, Ezzati M

Anomalously warm temperatures are associated with increased injury deaths

Nature Medicine, 26 , pp. 65-70, 2020.

(air pollution and climate, methodology)

air pollution and climate, methodology

NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) —Americas Working Group

Trends in cardiometabolic risk factors in the Americas between 1980 and 2014: a pooled analysis of population-based surveys

The Lancet Global Health, 8 (1), pp. e123-e133, 2020.

(non-communicable diseases, nutrition)

non-communicable diseases, nutrition

Bentham J, Singh GM, Danaei G, Green R, Lin JK, Stevens GA, Farzadfar F, Bennett JE, Cesare MD, Dangour AD, Ezzati M

Multi-dimensional characterisation of global food supply from 1961-2013

Nature food, 1 (1), pp. 70-75, 2020.

(child health, non-communicable diseases, nutrition)

child health, non-communicable diseases, nutrition

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