Air Pollution & Climate

We use a combination of field studies and administrative data to study the sources, concentrations and health effects of air pollution throughout the world, and to evaluate interventions and policies for reducing air pollution exposure. We have conducted field studies in Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia and China that, through their innovative design and data, have significantly advanced our understanding of air pollution sources, health effects and interventions. We also use large administrative data such as vital statistics to investigate the health effects of air pollution and temperature, and to understand how changes over time, as a result of control policies or climate change, may influence human health and health inequalities. A particular feature of this work is the development and application of new methodology for estimating variations in effects over age, space and time and to identify factors that make communities vulnerable or resilient to these effects.


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Kammen DM, Ezzati M, Mbinda BM

The determinants of exposure to indoor air pollution from biofuel stoves in rural Kenya

The Proceedings of Indoor Air 99: the 8th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, 3 , Edinburgh, Scotland, 1999, ISBN: 1860812953, 9781860812958.


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Air Pollution