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One in 20 cancers linked to diabetes and obesity

6% of cancer cases linked to obesity or diabetes

Obesity and diabetes ‘causes up to 800,000 cancers worldwide each year’

Obesity and diabetes cause around 800,000 cancers a year, with women being nearly twice as likely to suffer as men, according to the first study of its kind

AVOIDABLE DEATHS Diabetes and obesity to blame for 21,000 cancer cases in UK every year, experts warn

Diabetes is key factor in WORLDWIDE cancer surge

One in 20 cancers linked to diabetes and being overweight

Lancet study links high BMI, diabetes to cancer

High BMI, diabetes cause of new cancer cases: Lancet study

Lifestyle link to cancer rate: study

Diabetes, High BMI Tied to Cancer on Global Level

Diabetes and Obesity Together Responsible for Nearly 800,000 Cancers Worldwide