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Kontis V, Bennett JE, Rashid T, Parks RM, Pearson-Stuttard J, Guillot M, Asaria P, Zhou B, Battaglini M, Corsetti G, McKee M, Di Cesare M, Mathers CD, Ezzati M

Magnitude, demographics and dynamics of the impact of the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic on all-cause mortality in 17 industrialised countries

medRxiv, 2020.

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NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC)

Repositioning of the global epicentre of non-optimal cholesterol

Nature, 582 , pp. 73-77, 2020.

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Coleman NC, Burnett RT, Higbee JD, Lefler JS, Merrill RM, Ezzati M, Marshall JD, Kim SY, Bechle M, Robinson AL, Pope 3rd CA

Cancer mortality risk, fine particulate air pollution, and smoking in a large, representative cohort of US adults

Cancer Causes Control, 2020.

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