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Carter E, Yan Li, Fu Y, Robinson B, Kelly F, Elliott P, Wu Y, Zhao L, Ezzati M, Yang X, Chan Q, Baumgartner J

Household transitions to clean energy in a multiprovincial cohort study in China

Nature Sustainability, 2019.

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Lefler JS, Higbee JD, Burnett RT, Ezzati M, Coleman NC, Mann DD, Marshall JD, Bechle M, Wang Y, Robinson AL, Arden Pope C 3rd

Air pollution and mortality in a large, representative U.S. cohort: multiple-pollutant analyses, and spatial and temporal decompositions

Environmental Health, 18 (1), pp. 101, 2019.

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WHO CVD Risk Chart Working Group

World Health Organization cardiovascular disease risk charts: revised models to estimate risk in 21 global regions

The Lancet Global Health, 7 (10), pp. e1332-e1345, 2019.

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